Saturday, 22 March 2014

New friends and Old friends

Spent the evening with new friends.
It was so much fun getting to hear more about their lives.
Likes and dislikes.
Opinions we share or don't.
Its all so new.
Its like the early stages of dating.
I love my old friends too.
The comfortableness of our relationships.
Being able to relate to each other from shared memories and experiences.
Knowing that they have seen you at your best and your worst and they still love you.

I love all the people that choose to be in our lives because their friendship and support is truly a gift.

This Stamping Bella stamp says it all for me lol.

Hugs and goodnight  friends

Monday, 17 March 2014

Back in the craft room!!

I have let my blog suffer a bit since Christmas. Haven't meant too but just seems I have busy with so many things lately. My family and I just joined a new church and we have been very busy meeting new people. It has been super fun and grateful for how we have been embraced in their lives. My son in the last three months has turned into a man right before my eyes. He is so handsome, sweet and kind. I have to show you a picture of how handsome he looks in his new suit......or his first suit since he was two at his Aunts wedding.

Now enough bragging about my cute boy I also want to show you some of my newest cards I have been working on.

I was recently asked by a couple different friends to make them baby cards for their first Grandchildren.
The top card I made for a baby boy using the sweet Wee image from
Iam so in love with her images they are adorable and always one of my go to stamp lines. FYI she just added two new REALLY cute images to her shop this morning.
The second card I made used baby Flora, my very first Mo manning stamp I ever bought. I remember I was thrilled when I had found her in our only stamping store here on the far as I know. I don't count Michaels as being a stamping store because they don't carry the brands I want lol.
You can also buy Baby Flora as a digital stamp here

Another thing I have recently done was sell off a bunch of old scrapbooking supplies I haven't touched in eons so that I could treat myself to a bit of a shopping spree.
Check out the stash. I can't not wait to get into the craft room and really have some fun with it all.

I ordered my stash from my favourite online site we have here in Canada Everything I order always gets to me in just a few days as opposed to a few weeks. I always tell my Bald Man that one of my favourite things is that she provides the best customer service in a box. You know when you open the box everything will be neatly wrapped in pink tissue paper with candies sprinkled on top. Nothing ever crinkled and always a thank you.
Forget a box from Tiffanys I want a box from One Crazy Stamper.
Happy St Patricks Day to you all