Sunday, 27 May 2012

Happy Sunday! Toys,toys,toys.

Today was just a great day! Made the big trek to town with my Bald Man and both of the kids.
We went to Sydney and shopped at their annual Toy Show.
Lots of vintage boys toys to keep Pat and Joshua busy.
A few tables of pink and girlie to hold Karlie and my attention.
Karlie bought a Alf doll for two dollars.
So many childhood memories of Alf " Gordon Shumway ".
She is in love with him.
She is at such a cute age right now.
One minute she wants makeup the next minute she is walking around an arena cuddling Alf.
I found an old in Box Cabbage Patch doll that looked like a twin to my Cabbage Patch doll I had when I was ten.
She was sitting on a shelf next to a little baby boy cabbage Patch doll also new in bow.
Not sure how it happened but for twenty dollars I came home with both of them.
Slightly disturbed that two dolls from 1984 are considered vintage.
Wow I am feeling a bit old tonight but loving my cabbage patch dolls.
I guess one minute I am a 38 year old woman wanting womanly things the next minute I am a ten year old again excited to be able to buy a Cabbage Patch Doll.
My daughter and I have something in common today.
Now to stamping news I played along with Facebook challenge and made a card using pink and brown.
I decided to play with one of my lovely Lulu stamps.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Brrrrrr The Chihuahuas won't go outside

My little dogs Henry and Lulu love the heat. Its almost like they are solar powered and can lay out in the back yard just sucking up the heat. All weekend it was wet, grey and yucky. Today its grey,breezy and cold. Just doesn't feel like almost the end of May. Feels more like October so we all stayed inside this morning and I made an appropriate card for October, while the wee Dogs slept under the covers on my bed all morning. So Happy Early Halloween. I used Witchy Poo from

Friday, 18 May 2012

Middle school Speak

My daughter came home today and was chatting with me about her girlfriends at school and how much they speak text. Most of them don't yet have cell phones but instead of speaking in full words they speak as if they were texting. LOL,OMG, TTFN ect. I used to think this was a lazy way to speak but trying to keep up and understand my daughter its hard. I need a new kind of dictionary. They have all the original verbal information in their heads and then they have to remember how to abbreviate it all the way they want. Its not lazy its tricky lol. So she inspired me to play with my Gadget Girl Stamp from my favourite stamping store Gadget Girl is a Modern day Super Hero. She can Multitask with all forms of technology and look pretty in Pink while ruling the world.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Have a Sweet Day

I stole sometime today to play with my Lulu stamps from //
No matter what kind of day I am having these cute little images can always bring a smile to my face.