Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Waiting for Spring

The sun tried to pop out today. Briefly after work I did see blue sky then I blinked and it turned back to grey. This afternoon while drinking coffee and the wee dogs napped and the kids were still at school I got to play with my new Spring themed stamp. It may not have made the sun come out but the flower girl stamps did brighten my day. The Stamp I worked with this afternoon is another from http://www.kraftinkimmiestamps.com

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Today I had some time to finally get to play with my new Chloe stamp from http://whimsystamps.com/. I just love how sweet this new line of stamps are. They are designed by Elisabeth Bells for her new Cottage cuties collection. They are ALL adorable. As for the rest of my Saturday it went pretty well. Last weekend before Spring Break is over so the kids are back in school on Monday. The sun was shinning so the Bald Man and I took the kids and the ankle bitters out for a walk this morning. Did some gardening this afternoon. Made soup for dinner and lets just say it didn't go well :( . Oh well not everything I cook can be a masterpiece lol. Karlie is out babysitting tonight and Joshua and Pat are engrossed in a Sci Fi show. Me I am  curled up with the ankle bitters. Looking forward to getting to take the family to the Hunger Games tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Long Day

Hump Day. I have always thought that this was an odd way to refer to Wednesday. Well for me this has been a LONG day. Had to work then take myself and my  eldest to Dr's apt. Ended up doing  more than a couple of hours walking around town to and from work and apt's. When I got home I was pleasantly suprised to find my new Elizabeth Bell "Chloe" stamp in the mail. However I have been way to knackered this evening to do anything other than admire the package. Tomorrow is another day though and I am eager to get to play with her after work. Now I am off to bed. Three am is going to be here before I know it. Yawn :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Its beginning to feel a lot like.................

So according to the calendar today is the first day of Spring. My garden wants it to be Spring. I have Tulips coming up, Daffodils just waiting for the sun to shine to make them bloom. However its cold. Not North Pole Cold. Not even typical Eastern Canada Cold. However for Victoria it is really chilly. Today we have had gusting wind, freezing rain, snow, hail the size of jaw breakers. So no I can't believe that the calendar has it right. I refuse to think that Christmas is still actually 279 more days away. So in honour of the Calendar being wrong I made a Christmas Card today.

Monday, 19 March 2012


Sunday I allowed myself to buy two new stamps from the March stamp release at www.kraftinkimmiestamps.com/  Oh My Word they are all so sweet. It was truly hard to hold myself in check and only buy two.  Now I have to wait. Anyone who knows me knows  I am not the best at waiting :) I treated myself to Dandy Lion and Poppy. They are just the most adorable stamps of whimsical flower girls.
Other than ordering two stamps and blog hoping I didn't do anything crafty. Kept meaning to go upstairs and make something but hanging out with the kids and my Bald Man won. It was nice. Watched old 80's movies, made Sunday Brunch, walked the wee dogs. Then topped the night off watching Once Upon A Time with my girlie. Love that show.
Actually all the characters would make a cool stamp set. The boy with the big magical book, Rumplestillskin, The evil queen, the tough strong snow white ready to fight to save Prince Charming ect. I know you can find some of these characters as stamps already but the way they are portrayed on the show I would buy the entire set.
My goal for today is to colour. The housework is all done, the kids are busy doing the things they do ( right now sleeping in ) and my Bald Man is at work. Today is my Monday off so I want to enjoy it. Have my shoe box of stamps dumped on the bed so now all I have to do is decided and go for it. Lets see if by tonight I have an image to post :)

Karlie's Card for Grandma

My Lulu card
Almost dinner and I haven't accomplished much but Karlie and I did enjoy some mother daughter time. she had a great time making her own card to mail to Grandmas house. While I got to play with my Lulu stamps. Going to have to do this again with her soon, enjoyed my afternoon.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sick Days

My house is full of germs. Not something a janitor likes to admit,makes me sounds like I am bad at my job. Karlie is down with the flu and a horrible cough. Joshua was down for the past couple of days with a fever. You know when your video game addicted teeneger puts down the game controller that he must be ill. Pat and I are healthy. I think cleaning germs helps to make us harder for them to attack. Who knows all I know is knock on wood so far so good. So in between my nursing duties I have had a chance to play around with my new pair of Stamps from http://www.tickledpinkstamps.com.au/. I have to mention that this company is in Australia and the stamps arrived in less than ten working days. I was impressed.  They offer but rubber and digital stamps. I personally prefer rubber but I know a lot of people do love the digital option. I am not sure what this card is. I decided to use both quirky characters together. Is it a friendship card, birthday card, fun for a teenager card. I am not sure but I like it. I think this would a fun birthday card for my sister who when growing up used to give me that " seriously"! look once or twice.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Cant wait for Spring

The wind and rain haven't stopped today. Ferries have been cancelled all day. I am really looking forward to Spring weather. My yard has tulips, daffodils, snowdrops and crocus but we are all stuck inside to stay dry. I am glad its not snow. However I live in Victoria because by this time of year I want to wear a cardigan instead of a jacket and flip flops instead of boots. The day wasn't a lose though it allowed me some guilt free crafting time. I got to play with my Lulu and Friends set from http://www.kraftinkimmiestamps.com/

Friday, 9 March 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

I wish for a vacation . I wish for  sunshine and heat. The rain is forecasted to last for days. Well I can't go on vacation so instead I thought I would have some fun making a card that felt like a vacation. Today I played with Hula Girl from http://www.makeitcrafty.com/ . I think I need to make a craft supply run,I am running very low on flowers so instead I decided to use a sunny looking butterfly on the card. Well a trip to the craft store for me can feel like a vacation. Not so much for my poor Bald Man as I drag him through the card stock and flower isles. He is a trooper though.
Hula Girl 

Thursday, 8 March 2012


When I got home from work this morning the house was really quiet. The teachers aren't striking today so the kids were back at school. Thought with all this peace and quiet I could play with my new mermaid stamp. I personally think that my colouring is improving a wee bit. Lot more practise needed but I am glad to see some improvement. I used my Siren of Pearls from www.makeitcrafty.com/

Monday, 5 March 2012

Rain day!

The first Monday in March and the weather is awful. The rain is coming down in buckets. The wind coming off the ocean is cold. I have to try and get two three pound dogs to go outside and pee. Poor pups I don't even want to go outside who can really blame them for not wanting to either. So I sit here at my computer procrastinating. The result of my hour of procrastinating has been my first card using my new http://www.kraftinkimmiestamps.com/ stamp Superstar!

Today is also the first day of three of the BC teachers walkout so the kids are home with me today. Personally I think today will be a fun day having them around. The plan is for Karlie and I to both make a card for the kraftin kimmie sketch challenge. This week is using two images. I am excited and I know she is too. 
Karlie slept in late so I played a bit this morning with my first Digital Stamp that I bought from http://www.tickledpinkstamps.com.au/ this is my first attempt with Lil Lolita Willow. I have a stamp on order in rubber that I am looking forward to getting in the mail soon.