Wednesday, 29 August 2012


This afternoon here in Sooke BC we had a wee 3.1 earthquake. A baby rattle compared to the Seattle Quake that a few years ago cracked my dining room wall. My kids freaked out and came running to find me and ask if that was indeed a quake. Yes,yes it was. While my kids were worried about another one I actually found myself thinking " Great, of course we will have a big quake just when I finally get my own craft room grrrrr".
However before the shaking I did get this cute little snowman card finished.
I think he is adorable! 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Craft Room!!!!!!

I love my Bald Man! Over the years my craft room has evolved. Started off as a shoe box of scrapbook materials stored under my bed. Then a bigger box of frame making materials stored in the shoe closet.
In recent days half my bedroom became my craft room. Now my husband very lovingly gave up his den for me to have my very own craft room. He came home from work with shelves, desks, paint, wood ext. This is just phase one and I love it. I am truly looking forward to craft room remodel phase two. He has been busy painting a peg board project in the garage. He is going to install it this week. So exciting. I love my Bald Man for always thinking about me.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Birthdays and more Birthdays

The last few days has been busy with Birthdays.
Last weekend one of my daughter best friends and tomorow my niece and the very next day my daughter. Seems like yesterday my sister had my niece and gave her to me to hold.
YIKES! She was a four pound peanut.
Six weeks earlier I had given birth to my eight pound and 26 inch long son.
A giant compared to her.
I was so scared to hold her. I thought I would break her.
Almost Two years to the day  I gave birth to my own daughter .
A strong ten pound pink adorable little angel. She smiled at me when the nurse handed her to me and hasn't stopped smiling at me.
I always say that if reincarnation is true than she is a brand new soul.
Seeing everything for the first time. I love this about her.
The card I made today is for my niece who recently moved back home to the island with her family.
Every island girl should still believe in mermaids ..........even teenage girls.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Is it cold......not really. Chilly.......yes. I even have it from my sister from Ontario who is running around in her Ontario summer shorts that it is chilly. So my card today was inspired by the chilly breeze in the air. Also because I am making Christmas cards like a mad woman because I have actually taken orders for cards. Having too much fun I tell you :) . This is Kraftin Kimmies lovely Eva helping shovel Santas driveway.

Monday, 20 August 2012

127 More Days till Christmas!!!!!!!!

School is officially just around the corner. Which brings me into my favourite time of the year.
Fall and winter. Granted saying I love winter is easy living in Victoria than in lets say Nova Scotia.
I love everything that Fall and winter bring us.
The smell of the leaves falling.
The crunch of those leaves under my feet as I walk home from work on the trail.
Toques of many colours.
Coffee that isnt just good but warms your hands as you sit on the porch.
Cozy sweaters that keep you warm while you sit on the porch  watching the clouds blow by. Thanksgiving turkey filling the house with delicious smells as family and friends arrives to eat, drink and be merry.
The 500 pieces of candy I need to hide from my kids, husband and myself that are needed for the 500 trick or treaters we get in our neighbourhood on Halloween.
Christmas coming to the mall.
The painted windows, the music playing in all the stores, Santa juggling a couple kids on his lap as the line forms for pictures with him.
So many things, too many to type come with Fall and Winter.
I love summer but I spend the year looking forward to everything Fall and Winter bring us.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Frustrated a little

Today is a day of crafting frustartion. Seems like every time I want something to work one doesn't. I choose to find it funny rather than cry. My hope though is that since I first started my blog to track my progress that I have improved. Practise, practise, practise. I tell my kids this so I must lead by example and practise what I preach. My card I made today is going to be my niece Hannah's 14th birthday card. I remember when she was just a little coffee bag in my hand now she can drink coffee. I used Wee stamps Hopeful bought through Whimsy stamps. Now my goal is a wedding shower card for my neighbor. She is off to Hawaii this week to marry her submariner while he is stationed there. Very romantic. 


Monday, 13 August 2012

Fall is near

The wind is getting a bit cooler. Sweaters are being warn in the evening even though we are still wearing our shorts. Back to school shopping sales are popping up in every store flyer.
August the 13th and we can see the end of summer on the horizon.
So much to prepare for. Kids and new schools.
Returning long lost family. Grandparents that don't just look old but really old now.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas were family expectations are almost too high.
Quiet time to create is exactly what I need right now.
Paper, glue, scissors and netflix playing bad reality tv .
All while I colour and drink coffee.
All the makings for a nice afternoon in my opinion. while I write this down the wind is tossing my Rose bush around like it was a kite.
Strong roots in the ground and sturdy limbs in the air.
The Rose bush is just as strong as me.