Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Jump start on Next Christmas ALREADY!!!

This Christmas I lost track of how many cards I was lucky enough to make for people who ordered from me.
That was so much fun.
Then of course the thirty or so cards that I made to personally give out to family and friends.
However I ran out of time to make any to be able to enter in one of our towns many Christmas craft fairs.
Thats one of my goals for next Christmas.
The big Sooke Community hall Christmas Craft fair.
I think that would be soooo much fun.
So to ensure I have enough cards to sell at the craft fair, sell on the side and give as gifts I am starting now.
I figure why not, I am in the Holiday zone.
Anyone who personally knows me will say I am in the Holiday zone all year but I do take some time off lol.
I am not totally one of the Christmas nutters you see featured on tv specials on TLC.
Even though I do have a secret fantasy that involves my husband channelling his inner Clark Griswald and going nuts with our Christmas lights.
Is that weird?
So Michaels had these cute little Snowmen on end of season clearance and I couldn't resist picking up a box.
Two dollars is cheap.
So I am curious how many different ways I can incorporate him on a Christmas card.


  1. hooray for a head start! =) such fun cards, Sandy! love them! Happy Holidays to you and yours! =)

  2. You are off to a crafty cute start Sandy! You will definitely be ready for the art fair next year. Happy Holidays!

  3. I think your "Start it now" is a marvelous idea. I may just have to make one C.Card per month to be ready for next year! Your snowman is so cute & great buy. I've hunted out some old cards and am trying to think of ways to recycle some of them...they are way too pretty to waste. Enjoyed seeing your lovely cards these past months since I found your blog, and looking forward to seeing your creations in 2013. BTW, Clark is one of the funniest videos we have...DH especially likes the cat in the tree part. He always roars when that happens.I laugh at him laughing so hard at the video. Hugs

    1. Thank you Mary, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Any big plans to ring in the new year?