Saturday, 25 January 2014

Eleven Months Till Christmas

Image by Mo Manning 

Image by Molly Bloom

I have been away from my blog for  a couple of months. Life gets busy sometimes and you don't always have time for all the things that you love doing. Luckily right now things seem to be settling back down. Happy New Year by the way!!! The two cards I am showing off today are images from Mo manning and Molly Bloom stamps. I discovered Molly Bloom stamps this past October in a little craft store in Victoria. I love them. Its going to be hard to resist the temptation not to buy them all. Sometimes I think I need a support group. Hi I am Sandy I am addicted to rubber.  Truly my craft room is starting to look like a well stocked shop. The mo manning winter Fairy stamp is a divi that you can find at her online store mo's digital pencil. I love the images and the price point makes me feel a smidge less guilty than rubber. Just a smudge lol. As I write this I am sitting on my couch with my wee dog sleeping in my lap while the rest of the family is still sleeping soundly upstairs.  Its very peaceful!! Soon enough the house will be alive with sounds of "Mom whats for beakfast".  Just a side story my Bald Man has agreed to let me keep the Christmas tree up all year. Yes all year. Its not going to be Christmas decorated its going to be my year long seasonal tree challenge. so on a very small budget as the holidays or seasons change so must the tree. My jaw literally hit the ground when he said I could do this. I always think he is the sweetest man when he agrees to the christmas tree going up on the first Saturday of November every year. So right now my tree is decorated for Valentines day. Next will be St Pattys day then Easter and so on. I will post a picture soon maybe later today if I get a chance since the only pic I have at the moment is on my phone. Not sure how to upload phone pics to my blog yet. Need to ask a teenager. I hope that you have a great weekend with the people you love.

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  1. Very beautiful cards. I'm not able to make any winter card right now, not to mention Christmas cards :) I miss spring and summer. Can't wait to see your Valentine's tree.
    Eret x