Monday, 13 February 2012

Day off

Day offs just don't mean what they used too. Argued with the kids about everything this morning as I got them off to school. Spent two hours cleaning their rooms because I can't stand the sight of the mess in there any longer. Sick dog ect. Typical motherhood fun!
My plan had been to clean my own room/ craft room. Clean the kitchen, drink coffee,have a bath, colour and maybe even put on makeup for the first time in a week. I can still accomplish all those goals but now I am grumpy.
Iam gonna try and use Valentines Day being tomorrow to inspire me to get in a better mood. That and lots of coffee.

Alrighty coffee fixed my mood. I knew it would. Laundry is done, kids rooms have been found. The kitchen is almost ok but the Dog is still feeling crappy. She will be alright though. A couple days a go she went to the vet for booster shots and they have just hit her. Poor little thing. I had a bath and even coloured. Makeup is next :)
I can check one card of my to do list now. Friends birthday card.
I used my copic markers and my new Isabelle stamp from

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