Monday, 23 April 2012

Grass looks greener

My Grass literally seems greener today since the gardener came and cut it. Sometimes I think its weird to say we have a gardener that cuts the grass. Then I think we live in a townhouse and its a perk we sure aint rich. Yet its still fun to think I have a gardener . For years I never thought that we would ever even have our own home let alone somebody that comes and cuts the grass. Life is funny sometimes. Filled with unexpected blessings when you least expect them. While the grass was cut I sat at the dining room table still covered n my crafts stuff from my ladies crafty afternoon yesterday. I thought I would make a card with my Isabelle stamp from


  1. very sweet and springy card, Sandy! love those butterflies!

  2. Adorable Sandy... love the color combination and the fun polka dots!

  3. Thank you so much Elizabeth :)