Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Brrrrrr The Chihuahuas won't go outside

My little dogs Henry and Lulu love the heat. Its almost like they are solar powered and can lay out in the back yard just sucking up the heat. All weekend it was wet, grey and yucky. Today its grey,breezy and cold. Just doesn't feel like almost the end of May. Feels more like October so we all stayed inside this morning and I made an appropriate card for October, while the wee Dogs slept under the covers on my bed all morning. So Happy Early Halloween. I used Witchy Poo from http://www.kraftinkimmiestamps.com/.


  1. fabulous halloween card in May, Sandy! love it!

    1. Thanks Alice :) It will be here before we know it lol.

  2. A spooky delight Sandy! And your doggie is adorable!