Friday, 18 May 2012

Middle school Speak

My daughter came home today and was chatting with me about her girlfriends at school and how much they speak text. Most of them don't yet have cell phones but instead of speaking in full words they speak as if they were texting. LOL,OMG, TTFN ect. I used to think this was a lazy way to speak but trying to keep up and understand my daughter its hard. I need a new kind of dictionary. They have all the original verbal information in their heads and then they have to remember how to abbreviate it all the way they want. Its not lazy its tricky lol. So she inspired me to play with my Gadget Girl Stamp from my favourite stamping store Gadget Girl is a Modern day Super Hero. She can Multitask with all forms of technology and look pretty in Pink while ruling the world.


  1. pretty in pink! super card, Sandy! hope you have a lovely weekend! =)

  2. Sandy you are one trendy and cool mom! Your daughter must have been tickled by this creative card!