Friday, 8 June 2012


June is a busy month for birthdays. My mom, nephew, several neighbors all have birthdays in June.  The most significant June Birthday for me however is my sons. On the tenth he will be 14 years old. Not sure how time slipped past me this fast. Seems like yesterday he was a baby in my arms, a toddler at the park playing with diggers in the sand. Now he is a teenager with a moustache and so tall I no longer need a step ladder in the kitchen. I just ask him to reach things for me now. So with all these birthdays going on I felt inspired to make a birthday card. Recently I received some happy mail in the form of a new Wee stamp from
"Hopeful" designed by Sylvia Zet


  1. this is so sweet, Sandy! love the big ribbon bow. very pretty card! hope you have a lovely weekend! =)

  2. Love all the added petite flowers Sandy.... I know what you mean about June. It does seem to be the month for birthdays, weddings and festive celebrations.