Monday, 4 June 2012


Last week I got Happy Mail.
Two new mini stamps from
I think they are adorable but have a lot of people in my life that find these stamps a bit creepy because they are drawn without mouths.
I hardly notice and find that this feature adds to their charm.
The sentiment Friends Forever is just a random stamp I found in my growing collection.
I thought the three stamps togther just went with the feeling going through my home right now.
My daughters BFF is moving away and she is heart broken.
These two have been almost Siamese Twins the past couple of years and the countdown to the move is on.
Just days left.
I know that friends come and go in your life, some stay but some are for the moment.
Being 11 though she is too young to wrap this thought around her mind.
All she knows is that she is leaving.
Thank goodness for Facebook and iPods with video chat.
She may be gone but never completely.
It would be nice to think that their friendship will survive the distance and turmoils of seperate teenage years.
However if it doesn't their friendship will always be a happy memory they can both turn too.

Mini #271 Tilda in Key Largo and #361 Waterlily Tilda

A memory for when they are adults and reminisce about their childhood with their own children one day.


  1. this is so sweet! darling card, Sandy!

  2. I happen to think they are cute. doesn't bother me at all that they dont have mouths. super cute card!\

  3. Adorable card Sandy! Great flesh tone coloring!