Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Not a Christmas Card

Seems like I haven't been on here FOREVER! Life gets busy sometimes. Today I stole some time to play with my new Wee stamp that I bought from Whimsy stamps....... Summer Fairy. I just love her she is adorable. Here in Victoria BC it feels more like summer than June,July and August put together. Too bad school and work are taking up everybody's time or else I think the beaches would be packed.

This card is going to work with me tomorrow, for somebody who is always there to lend me hand and a kind word. Nothing makes a Wednesday better than a pretty card.


  1. Sandy, you're card is super sweet and I love that image. How very thoughtful of you to brighten someone's day, I hope they felt special :)


  2. Thanks Mary :) I hope they like it too.

  3. Sandy you are so thoughtful and kind! Your card is going to put a smile on someone's heart! Fantastic coloring.