Wednesday, 5 September 2012

56 more days till mini Chocolate Bar Night!

Today I played with my new CC Design Devilish Lucy Stamp.
Last week my daughter and niece and I were wandering around Value Village trying to come up with ideas for our Halloween Costumes.
So many choices.
Not sure what our plan is but what I do know is that my neighbourhood gets roughly 500 kids knocking at our doors.
Thats a lot of mini chocolate Bars.
What candy do you hand out on Halloween?


  1. That's a lot of tricker treaters!! This little devil is as cute as can be and love how you've colored her up especially her hair.


    1. Thanks Shelby! Yes it is a lot of trick or treaters. You cant even park in the driveway if you don't get home before five. Roads blocked with little goblins.

  2. Devilishly cute Sandy!

    I miss having trick-or-treaters as I live out in the country.... Your doorbell must be constantly ringing :0)