Monday, 7 January 2013

Cant seem to let Christmas go yet.

Cant seem to get out of the Christmas card making zone yet. Way to many cute images out there. This adorable little lady is from Mashi Muffins. Besides the Christmas card making my Christmas tree is still up. As of today our house is the only one with the Christmas lights still on in our complex. Maybe tomorrow I will start deChristmasing the house........maybe :(


  1. Happy New Year Sandy! These cards are too cute and I love that image :) I will be making Christmas cards this whole year on the 25th of every month for the Christmas blog hop I am a part of. Love having all of the cards made by the time next Christmas roles around...this way I get a little Christmas all year through :)


    1. Thanks Mary, I love your Christmas Blog Hop. Trying to get some friends of mine to do something similar but they arent as Christmas crazy as me lol.

  2. too cute! super fun cards, Sandy! love them both!