Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Love is in the air and Chocolate is in the stores!

Went to the Drug store this week and everywhere I looked I saw Red and Pink heart shaped Candy boxes. Massage oil Gift baskets, stuffed love Monkeys and Teddy Bears.
Greeting cards, Dinner for two Gift cards, Romantic scented candles.
Retail Love is in the air!
What do you do for Valentines day?
For us its usually a quiet night at home.
We don't fall into the extreme trappings of Valentines Day.
Maybe because we say we love each other several times everyday.
We say it in the morning.
We say it every time before we leave each other for the day.
We say it at the end of every phone call.
We say it in random mid day texts.
We say it every night before we go to sleep.
A day on the calendar isn't needed we just know all year long that we love each other.
However I am not gonna lie and say I don't like the flowers and my Valentines Day card too.
I just don't need them because I have my Bald Man.

Today I got a chance to make a couple Valentines Day cards with the adorable Hugs and Kisses Digi from Krista at Saturated Canary!. The papers I used are from my Recollections "Love" paper pad and both coloured up with assorted Copics.


  1. Awww, that's cute! We do the same thing. We don't do flowers, cards or candy. My not so bald man and I don't say happy valentines day either. We do however get cards & chocolates for our girls and wish them a happy valentines day.

    We say I love you often as well. As I think it's important to know you're loved :)

    I love the little girl in the card. She reminds me of Karlie.

    1. Karlie is already dreaming about Valentines Day Chocolate. She has a coco addiction.

  2. these are so sweet, Sandy! darling cards!