Saturday, 13 April 2013

Wow!! Seems like Forever!

Holy Cow!!
Seems like forever since I had time to blog and visit all the Blogs I follow.
Here in Sooke the weather is grey and rainy but I will take it.
Too many family and friends are reporting snow in other places in Canada.
The rain just means I will wait a bit still before I start my flower gardens.
Some good comes from the rain today  I actually got into my craft room.
In honour of Mothers day just around the corner I made two cards with that theme.
Both of these cards have been ordered by a teacher that works at the school I clean.
Still not sure what kind of Mothers Day card I will make for my own mother.

I love you low much

The second card I worked on is also a wee stamp by Sylvia Zet, I thought he was a cutie. When my nephew Jacob was a little guy he used to pick little flowery weeds from the grass and fill my pockets with them before I went home. Now he is a grown man. Time sure does fly by.

Sams special delivery


  1. Your cards are adorable, Sandy!!! I just love your coloring. I can see why you're a favorite "go to" person for card requests. So nice to see your comment on my blog this morning. I hope you continue to have a happy and crafty day!!!

    1. Thanks so much Cheri...... Hugs :)

  2. Both of these are just adorable images with fabulous coloring. Like your layouts too. I can see why you are asked to make some cards 'on demand'. Great job & thanks for sharing. Hope you get some sunshine soon. Right, rain is better than snow & ice!! Hugs