Monday, 19 March 2012


Sunday I allowed myself to buy two new stamps from the March stamp release at  Oh My Word they are all so sweet. It was truly hard to hold myself in check and only buy two.  Now I have to wait. Anyone who knows me knows  I am not the best at waiting :) I treated myself to Dandy Lion and Poppy. They are just the most adorable stamps of whimsical flower girls.
Other than ordering two stamps and blog hoping I didn't do anything crafty. Kept meaning to go upstairs and make something but hanging out with the kids and my Bald Man won. It was nice. Watched old 80's movies, made Sunday Brunch, walked the wee dogs. Then topped the night off watching Once Upon A Time with my girlie. Love that show.
Actually all the characters would make a cool stamp set. The boy with the big magical book, Rumplestillskin, The evil queen, the tough strong snow white ready to fight to save Prince Charming ect. I know you can find some of these characters as stamps already but the way they are portrayed on the show I would buy the entire set.
My goal for today is to colour. The housework is all done, the kids are busy doing the things they do ( right now sleeping in ) and my Bald Man is at work. Today is my Monday off so I want to enjoy it. Have my shoe box of stamps dumped on the bed so now all I have to do is decided and go for it. Lets see if by tonight I have an image to post :)

Karlie's Card for Grandma

My Lulu card
Almost dinner and I haven't accomplished much but Karlie and I did enjoy some mother daughter time. she had a great time making her own card to mail to Grandmas house. While I got to play with my Lulu stamps. Going to have to do this again with her soon, enjoyed my afternoon.


  1. awww... these are so sweet, Sandy! darling cards!

    1. Thanks was very proud of the one my little girl did. She is hooked.