Saturday, 24 March 2012


Today I had some time to finally get to play with my new Chloe stamp from I just love how sweet this new line of stamps are. They are designed by Elisabeth Bells for her new Cottage cuties collection. They are ALL adorable. As for the rest of my Saturday it went pretty well. Last weekend before Spring Break is over so the kids are back in school on Monday. The sun was shinning so the Bald Man and I took the kids and the ankle bitters out for a walk this morning. Did some gardening this afternoon. Made soup for dinner and lets just say it didn't go well :( . Oh well not everything I cook can be a masterpiece lol. Karlie is out babysitting tonight and Joshua and Pat are engrossed in a Sci Fi show. Me I am  curled up with the ankle bitters. Looking forward to getting to take the family to the Hunger Games tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. awww... this is darling. beautiful card, Sandy!