Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sick Days

My house is full of germs. Not something a janitor likes to admit,makes me sounds like I am bad at my job. Karlie is down with the flu and a horrible cough. Joshua was down for the past couple of days with a fever. You know when your video game addicted teeneger puts down the game controller that he must be ill. Pat and I are healthy. I think cleaning germs helps to make us harder for them to attack. Who knows all I know is knock on wood so far so good. So in between my nursing duties I have had a chance to play around with my new pair of Stamps from I have to mention that this company is in Australia and the stamps arrived in less than ten working days. I was impressed.  They offer but rubber and digital stamps. I personally prefer rubber but I know a lot of people do love the digital option. I am not sure what this card is. I decided to use both quirky characters together. Is it a friendship card, birthday card, fun for a teenager card. I am not sure but I like it. I think this would a fun birthday card for my sister who when growing up used to give me that " seriously"! look once or twice.

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  1. awww.... hope they feel better soon. take good care! =) your card is so pretty, too. love the simplicity!