Friday, 1 February 2013

Finally Friday!!!!

This really seems to have been a long week.
Between work, my son going through his first week of high school exams  and did I mention work lol . I am thrilled today is Friday.
My saturday is jam packed with commitments but Sunday is free to do nothing.
However Saturday will finish off with a movie date with my Bald Man.
Zombie loving time.
I am actually not a Zombie fan but I love chick flics.
So Zombie meets girl and girl loves Zombie why not!
If everyone can love a vampire why not a gross walking corspe.
My plan for Sunday is sleeping in, reading, crafting.
Whatever I want to do not what I have to do. Bliss!!!
This afternoon I had some time to play with my new Mashi Muffins stamp from CC Design called Sweet.
I think she is a perfect Valentine stamp to mark the first of February.
The love month!!! 

Hope you all have a great weekend resting, working or playing

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  1. Such a cute image. Love the papers & your roses too. This little sweetie reminds me of Betty Boop (bet you are too young to know who that was!) and yes, thanks, we did have a good weekend. Today was veg day after all the shopping yesterday. I had a few things to catch up, got 'er done...but very little craftiness. (mainly due to lazy & not good time management). TFS & glad the exams are over. (Also glad we're out of that phase of life!