Saturday, 16 March 2013

Snow, Rain, Christmas and Vampires

The weather outside is defiantly warmer than other places in Canada right now.
However what people who get snow alot are forgetting is that at least you can play in the snow.
Sledding and skiing is a delight.
Snowball fights can be a great way to relieve tension.
Taking walks along the trails in the snow and capturing stunning pictures with your camera.
Sitting inside sipping hot tea and looking out the window as the world gets covered in a big white blanket.
Snow days from work and school.
My favourite  is the absolute quiet that comes with the snow.
I love that!
I also know I am only talking about the fun snow can bring and not the mess, the crazy road conditions, the freezing cold ect.
What my family and friends from snowy parts of Canada never seem to think about is that the rain here in Victoria BC goes for long periods that never seem to stop.
Maybe we get a day or four of sunshine then the grey skies and the rain and the wind start again.
Across the ocean but only a days travel by ferry and car is Forks.
The town that Stephanie Meyer used as her setting for Vampires.
Why because like us the sun spends more time hiding than shining.
I think here in Sooke we can probably shelter vampires too lol.
Days all grey,wet and cold make me dream about Christmas so of course if I dream about Christmas I make Christmas cards.
Why not :)

Iam eneter this little guy on the bottom into the Outlawz Saturday paper al la mode anything goes challenge. Iam loving this group right now its truly a lot of fun and would recommend you all to visit and check it out


  1. I agree with you about the snow! I too love those snowy days with it's beauty and it's quiet. Your cards are adorable! I love that sweet elf and all the details you've added. I came over from the Outlawz to visit your blog and am now a follower.

    1. Thank you Cheri for becoming a follower I appreciate your visit and kind words.Happy St Patricks day!!

  2. Hello Sandy. Thank you for your nice comments and for following my blog. You are so sweet.
    I looked around on your blog and I like what you're doing. Your cards are so beautiful.

  3. Hi Sandy,

    Love your Christmas cards, that image is totally adorable :)

    I have a question for you, you know how myself and a bunch of girls do the Chrismtas Blog Hop on the 25th of every month? Well I was wondering if you would want to be a guest designer this month (yup, I am talking this Monday!!!!) I know, would be required to make 2 Christmas cards and our theme this month is mainly green. If you are not able to no worries, I just thought I would ask :) If you are interested send me an email at scrapbook4u2000 at yahoo dot ca.


  4. Sandy;

    What an adorable image and showcased just perfectly! I am in awe that you are so close to “Forks”, would love to go there and drive around where they filmed it all, so cool!

    So happy that you are joining our team on Monday with our Christmas Hop, can not wait to see what you create for our Mainly Green Theme! Talk to you on Monday =)