Monday, 4 March 2013

Sunshine feels brilliant on my face

March has sprung.
So have my Daffodils, tulips and crocuses.
The grass is growing like a weed but still really wet and didn't look that easy to mow as I watched my Bald Man mow it yesterday.
He spoils me and does all the yucky parts of the yard work and lets me pick and plant the flowers and basically take credit for how nice it looks.
Iam truly blessed to have him as my husband.
I took a break, not a long break but a few days from my blog and crafting.
Iam feeling discouraged I guess is the right word.
I know that my card making is improving from a year ago I can see that when I look at old pictures.
Still I wish it was improving faster, I know it takes time to master a new skill.
I have to remind myself of this just as I remind my own kids of the very same life lesson.
I set a goal this new years to grow my blog.
Not really happening, I think I even lost a follower.
Then I was actually sad for a few moments.
Quickly I shook that off.
This is supposed to be fun and if I end up with only a few followers than I love them even more.
Makes it easier to check in on all of their blogs that I also follow.
So today after work I made a card.
I used the new Digi Summer Swing from Saturated Canary.
I coloured her up with colics and used paper from my Wild Rose Studio Summer Picnic paper pad.
Embellishments are random odds and sods that I had in my craft room.
I really do want to thank those of you that visit my blog and comment on my projects.
Your visits and kind words mean alot to me.
Hope that this Monday was a great start to a new week.

Hugs to all


  1. Glad that you decided to keep on making card, Sandy! You are right, as long as you are having fun, it's worth doing it! =) Darling image and you colored her so beautifully! Very pretty card! Hope you have a lovely week! =)

  2. Sandy, don't get discouraged about the followers (did you see the Liebster award I sent you?) Keep reminding yourself, you started a blog for YOU. People will find you. You do have a lovely blog, and your cards are lovely & unique. This one today is very well laid out, with great coloring. Some days I get visits, some days not many...but that's ok. I do the blog bit for ME,and like you said, to see my improvement. (and you're too young for this to apply to YOU, but I started blogging as a way to learn something new & exercise my brain!). Hang in're doing good. Hugs

  3. PS..forgot to say, you might think about turning off word verification in your settings. That discourages a lot of people from leaving comments. You can keep the moderate comments setting on, and control what you allow. Hope this suggestion might help.

    1. Thank you Mary, I just went and turned that off. I did see the award and thank you. I posted on your blog that I have to get my teenager to help me post the award on my blog. Sometimes I am shocked I have mastered my Iphone lol.
      Thank you for your words of encouragement they meant a lot.

  4. Hi Sandy! I love your card and the way you coloured it. The hair seems to have just the right amount of light and dark. That is something that I definitely have to work on. One way that I managed to grow some of my visitors was to join up with a site called The Outlawz. They specifically have a section for people who are looking to add new followers. I joined up there and found quite a few people in the same boat as me. Don't get discouraged. If YOU can see a difference from when you first started, well that's wonderful and shows that you really have. Usually when things concern ourselves, we don't see a difference. Kinda like me with my weight loss, others see it more than I do. If you have set this as a goal then you keep reminding yourself daily that it takes practice to get better and practice takes time. Keep entering challenges as well. Please don't stop making really are very good at them. :)