Sunday, 26 August 2012

Craft Room!!!!!!

I love my Bald Man! Over the years my craft room has evolved. Started off as a shoe box of scrapbook materials stored under my bed. Then a bigger box of frame making materials stored in the shoe closet.
In recent days half my bedroom became my craft room. Now my husband very lovingly gave up his den for me to have my very own craft room. He came home from work with shelves, desks, paint, wood ext. This is just phase one and I love it. I am truly looking forward to craft room remodel phase two. He has been busy painting a peg board project in the garage. He is going to install it this week. So exciting. I love my Bald Man for always thinking about me.


  1. Wow Sandy... your space is wonderful. I can just imagine all the fun you will having playing in this cozy space.

  2. What a super sweet hubby! Looks like a great space.