Monday, 13 August 2012

Fall is near

The wind is getting a bit cooler. Sweaters are being warn in the evening even though we are still wearing our shorts. Back to school shopping sales are popping up in every store flyer.
August the 13th and we can see the end of summer on the horizon.
So much to prepare for. Kids and new schools.
Returning long lost family. Grandparents that don't just look old but really old now.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas were family expectations are almost too high.
Quiet time to create is exactly what I need right now.
Paper, glue, scissors and netflix playing bad reality tv .
All while I colour and drink coffee.
All the makings for a nice afternoon in my opinion. while I write this down the wind is tossing my Rose bush around like it was a kite.
Strong roots in the ground and sturdy limbs in the air.
The Rose bush is just as strong as me.


  1. I love this, the sunflowers are a wonderful touch!!

  2. beautiful autumn colors. super card, Sandy!

  3. Thank you for sharing your whispering words of autumn and life.... beautiful card with great colors!