Thursday, 23 August 2012

Birthdays and more Birthdays

The last few days has been busy with Birthdays.
Last weekend one of my daughter best friends and tomorow my niece and the very next day my daughter. Seems like yesterday my sister had my niece and gave her to me to hold.
YIKES! She was a four pound peanut.
Six weeks earlier I had given birth to my eight pound and 26 inch long son.
A giant compared to her.
I was so scared to hold her. I thought I would break her.
Almost Two years to the day  I gave birth to my own daughter .
A strong ten pound pink adorable little angel. She smiled at me when the nurse handed her to me and hasn't stopped smiling at me.
I always say that if reincarnation is true than she is a brand new soul.
Seeing everything for the first time. I love this about her.
The card I made today is for my niece who recently moved back home to the island with her family.
Every island girl should still believe in mermaids ..........even teenage girls.


  1. Your niece has a thoughtful and talent aunt in you!

  2. Your niece will adore this card. Love how you've done her glimmery fin.


  3. love the sea shell embellishment. beautiful card, Sandy!