Monday, 20 August 2012

127 More Days till Christmas!!!!!!!!

School is officially just around the corner. Which brings me into my favourite time of the year.
Fall and winter. Granted saying I love winter is easy living in Victoria than in lets say Nova Scotia.
I love everything that Fall and winter bring us.
The smell of the leaves falling.
The crunch of those leaves under my feet as I walk home from work on the trail.
Toques of many colours.
Coffee that isnt just good but warms your hands as you sit on the porch.
Cozy sweaters that keep you warm while you sit on the porch  watching the clouds blow by. Thanksgiving turkey filling the house with delicious smells as family and friends arrives to eat, drink and be merry.
The 500 pieces of candy I need to hide from my kids, husband and myself that are needed for the 500 trick or treaters we get in our neighbourhood on Halloween.
Christmas coming to the mall.
The painted windows, the music playing in all the stores, Santa juggling a couple kids on his lap as the line forms for pictures with him.
So many things, too many to type come with Fall and Winter.
I love summer but I spend the year looking forward to everything Fall and Winter bring us.


  1. so sweet and beautiful! awesome cards, Sandy!

  2. I'm ready for our heat to end and fall to start! Great Christmas cards. love the torn paper on the first one and your coloring in both are exceptional!


    1. Shelby thank you so much. Your compliment on my colouring made my week. I have been practising a lot :)

  3. Sandy your post has me excited for warm sweaters, hot tea and stamping!! It was so fun to read about all the things that you enjoy about the fall season. These holiday cards are wintry delights!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth Iam excited too :)